Thankful Thursday: Conveniences

Today I am thankful for three specific things: working indoor plumbing, helpful neighbors, and my handy-man husband.

Last Sunday, the pump in our basement sprang a leak and began spewing water into the basement. So for twenty-four hours, we were without water in the house: that means no showers, laundry, or functioning toilet. (Working plumbing is something I just take for granted. It’s only when I don’t have it that I realize its convenience and importance.)

My happy handy-man last summer at a family wedding.
Photo by AnthonyLindemanPhotography

I am thankful for neighbors who offered their shower facilities–which we gladly accepted.

I am also thankful for my handy-man husband who stopped the leak before significant damage occurred, diagnosed the problem, and fixed the pump.

Life is normal again.

Thankful Thursday.

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